Begin Recovery has been developed to bring accurate information, emotional support and motivation to those who are battling with an addiction, as well as for those who are trying to find ways to help someone recover.

Overcoming an addiction is one of the most difficult challenges in life, and yet, there are very few places where people can come to learn about addiction, rehab and recovery, as well as to share their experiences in a supportive and knowledgeable community.

Our editorial and writing team have decided to put an end to your search, and create an all-in-one platform for those who are seeking information and support.

Begin Recovery reaches those who need accurate and inspirational information the most, and invites them into a community that will offer support whenever they need it. Nothing should stop those who are overcome by an addiction to find comfort and to have their voices heard. We welcome everyone to make the most of this brand new community and to contribute with their own advice and experiences, so that we may help others who have found themselves in the same situation.

We offer all of our knowledge, research, and experience – FOR FREE, in the hopes that people’s lives will be changed for the better.

Our articles and research have come from ideas that we have received by talking to other addicts and listening to their questions and requests. We understand what its like to be in this position, which is why we are very familiar with the topics that our community wants to cover.

We don’t sugar-coat anything, so you should expect nothing less than genuine help when you visit our website. We believe that rehab centers are incredibly important on the road to recovery, but we also believe that people must be provided with all the information they need before deciding on how to begin their journey to recovery. You must know the true depth of the situation in order to proceed forward.

You see people who have recovered from an addiction, but you don’t see the road that they took to get there.

At Begin Recovery, you will find a constant stream of information and inspiration.

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